Quick Tip Tuesday: Honey! 

So we’ve been battling strep throat and a cough in our house for nearly a month. It has been a LONG March. We’re all on antibiotics and while my husband and I get fantastic horse pills for 10 days, the kids have to deal with liquid antibiotics. My daughter is on Amoxicillin and I think all kids really love the taste of that stuff.  This hasn’t changed in 20 years. My brother even smelled the bottle and had a bit of nostalgia ha! He remembered liking the taste of it as a kid. Unfortunately, my son is allergic so he is on another antibiotic.  An antibiotic with a terrible taste.  He has flat out refused to take it.   I felt like I tried everything. I can’t blame him really, the taste is truly awful.

After trying and failing I called the pediatrician to see what I could hide this stuff in. They suggested whipped cream or chocolate syrup. I had neither. I had to get creative.  I opened my pantry and reached for the honey. I thought it would be perfect. It’s thick, sweet and has a strong taste. Fortunately, it worked great! I mixed a nickel sized dollop of honey in with my son’s meds and he gladly took it! No drama! It was almost too easy.

Also, honey is a great natural remedy for cold/cough/sore throat.  It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. When my son starts with a cough I make him avocado honey toast, yogurt with honey or just give him a spoonful of honey! He loves it!

Yesterday was the last day of antibiotics and he has no idea he even had them.  I highly suggest trying this if you’re running out of ideas moms. Pick your battles and good luck!

5 thoughts on “Quick Tip Tuesday: Honey! 

  1. Aui V. says:

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. For the longest time, I am not giving my children antibiotics because I found a treasure in moringa leafs (malunggay). I will blend it, drain and put some calamansi (lemons) and a little honey to taste like a juice! It works very well for all of us 🙂

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    • Cat says:

      Oh wow! That is great to know! Thank you for sharing! I try to go as long as possible without giving antibiotics to see if we can fight things on our own but my son started with scarlet fever this go around. :/ strep is rough! Looking like a tonsillectomy is in our future 😫

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  2. Cat says:

    I will look into it! Thank you!! All suggestions are welcome! He has very large tonsils and adenoids affecting his breathing and speech. I will definitely get several other opinions! I do not want a surgery


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