Recipe: Perfect baked chicken

Last week was long.  Last week was difficult.  Last week, we ate out 5 times.  Every single night of the work week we got take out.  It is awful.  I’m ashamed.  So… yesterday I was determined to cook this weekend!  I went to the store and bought a pack of chicken with 0 plans on what to do with it.  I walked into my kitchen at 5:30 pm and stared blankly at the chicken and then started frantically googling “easy, fast baked chicken.”  I stumbled upon a recipe that was very appealing because it didn’t involve any grains or dairy.  My 14 month old has FPIES so she could actually eat from the table.  This would be her first time doing so!  (Poor kid is so tired of sweet potatoes, avocados, etc.)

(my sweet FPIES baby eating the same dinner we had!)

I decided to do a blog post on this recipe because my family and I found it to be very delicious.  I was so excited to make something my daughter could share with us and I made it very quickly.  Dinner was ready 30 minutes later.  That is a win!! Easy, fast, inexpensive… I can easily make this on a weeknight rather than grab takeout.  This is just as easy!

Perfect Baked Chicken Recipe

I made a few adjustments to the recipe.  When I make this again  I will probably use less salt because I try to limit salt when cooking, but otherwise I liked this!  I suggest coating the spices on very thick.  20 minutes later your chicken is done and you can pair with a side of veggies and fruit!  We had cauliflower and broccoli and cantaloupe!  Delicious 🙂

What recipes do you have on hand that are quick (30 minutes or under), easy, and inexpensive?  I would love to build up a go-to for great weeknight recipes (with normal ingredients… no, I do not keep heavy cream, fresh ginger, etc. just on the ready in my house).  Also, if they’re dairy/grain free- even better!

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