Wegreeco Reusable Pads: Review!

Hello friends.  I’ve decided to extend my obvious talents (bahahah) into the youtube world.  I recently made a purchase for reusable pads… I know, glamorous right?  Anyway, I really liked them so much that I decided to tell the world about them.  I think that when you think about bleeding onto a cloth rather than a tampon or pad… it can feel a little weird and out there.  I know I felt that way.  However, I had to find another way to manage my monthly cycle! Tampons and Pads were REALLY irritating me.  And yes, I know that’s a bit of an overshare… but whatever.  I think I can talk about vaginas in my own blog.  Long story short– pads/tampons were making my vagina angry… so …I searched for other options.

Like most of us I went to Amazon (I love you Amazon, please never leave me) and searched many different brands of reusable pads and finally settled on Wegreeco.  I am so glad I made this decision.  So far, I am thrilled with my choice.  I’ve used them and they were very absorbent, leak free and exactly what I needed.  Post-period, my vagina was fine! Such a relief.  I don’t know what exactly is in tampons and pads that was making my body react …but when I realized I was reacting, I knew I needed a better option.  Thankfully this one is better for my body, my bank account and the environment. WIN WIN WIN!

I’m going to give the menstrual cup a try soon… I’m a little nervous. I’ve seen a few buzzfeeds and read some reviews… but this seems like a better option for events/vacations.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.  Comment below with your favorite reusable feminine products — or any product for that matter.  I’m always up for trying new stuff!


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