I hate open letters so I will gladly personalize this and send it to any known offenders.

Dear parents with the sick kid at preschool,

Hello. It’s me. Your overly tired, on-edge, worst nightmare. No, I’m not being dramatic. After you feel my wrath you will know that I am exactly as I claim to be. I will haunt you. When my kid is up at 2 am throwing up his dinner, I will be there to remind you that this is YOUR fault. When my kid starts coughing, crying and screaming at me for trying to give him medicine, you will know about it. When I am the one losing work time, sleep and my sanity– I will find the time to remind you that this all could have been prevented.
I may seem neurotic and crazy but I don’t care anymore. When your kid goes to the hospital with a 105 fever you realize that its perfectly okay to be a little neurotic. A little crazy. It is perfectly okay to blame you if you send your sick child to school. Your actions are selfish. I get not wanting to miss work. I get that it can be inconvenient. However, look at your kid. Your kid needs sleep! You kid’s body needs a fighting chance to get rid of this illness. You shouldn’t want to send them to school.
But, if you do decide to send your sweet, sickly baby to school knowing that they will spread whatever illness they have– you should know that you’re infecting every other little kid in that room. You’re infecting them, their siblings, their parents. Your actions are effecting everyone. You’re causing another parent to lose sleep, miss work and potentially get sick themselves. And if that parent is a little sensitive to their baby’s illnesses to begin with, you’re causing them to lose their minds!
No one wants to watch their kids sniffle, cough, sneeze or deal with a high fever. No one wants their babies to spend the night over the toilet vomiting. Especially the nervous-Nelly mom’s of the world. Watching you tell the teacher that your child is “just tired,” and “warm because it was warm in the car,” gives me rage. You know your child is sick. Own up to your poor decision, turn your child around and walk them back out to the car, drive home and put them in bed. Do it for your kid. Do it for the other kids and for goodness sake DO it for your fellow moms. I promise we will do the same for you.
If you don’t, you can expect me to call you out on it. I’m up to my ears in medicine, thermometers, hand sanitizer, tissues, vitamins and essential oils. What I need is for you to do your job as a parent so we can all get through this season together.


That crazy mom whose kid was out multiple weeks his first year of preschool due to random illnesses that could have been prevented. (insert middle finger emoji.)


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