5 Fun Father’s Day gift ideas!

Father's Day is coming up and that is a pretty important holiday in our house.  Let me tell you why-- it is simple really.. my kids have the best dad!  They're pretty lucky ūüôā  I really want to make this Father's Day special for him so I will have to get creative. I've kind of set the … Continue reading 5 Fun Father’s Day gift ideas!

Hello June 

Well, after a long and painful May/beginning of June-- I'm back.  I don't even know where to begin regarding the last few weeks.  I guess at the beginning.  Monday the 15th I took my son to school and got a walk in at the lake with my friend emily. It was a perfect day and … Continue reading Hello June¬†


Hello everyone.  I'm sure you noticed there was no Quick Tip Tuesday.  You're probably thinking, she's late... again.  But actually, I thought about it a lot and really just wasn't up to it.  It is hard to think of much else lately other than family. A few weeks ago my father in law was admitted to the … Continue reading FYI

Parenting during stressful life events:  7 things to remember. 

This week has been a whirlwind.  We planned out our dinners on Sunday, made it through school drop off on Monday and I even got a walk in at the lake with my friend Emily!  It seemed that the week was starting off nicely (aside from an extremely hard drop off at school Monday morning-- … Continue reading Parenting during stressful life events: ¬†7 things to remember.¬†

Blogger Recognition Award!

To my surprise I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!! I'm so excited.  I've been blogging for a few years but just recently started my "mom blog."  I love it!  Blogging is a wonderful release! (Accidentally typed Clogging at first and that image made me lol) I love sharing my tips and tricks, recommendations, opinions and … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Diaper Bag Dispenser 

My quick Tip Tuesday is late again ūüė©. In my defense ...this is due to my computer issues. The fan broke on my laptop and it won't be back until tomorrow. So... this got delayed! Doing updates from your phone is hard!  Anyway...here we go. (edit: got my husband's work computer to complete this... mobile … Continue reading Quick Tip Tuesday: Diaper Bag Dispenser¬†